Setting up your sundial

Your Spot-on Sundial kit will include: 

  • 1 x Circular Dial Plate 
  • 1 x Square/Circular Base Plate 
  • 1 x Centre Screw 
  • 1 x Gnomon
  • 1 x Gnomon Retaining Clip 
  • 1 x Tightening Tool 
  • 4 x Brass Screws 

Place the two lugs on the tightening tool into the holes on the centre screw, and rotate anti-clockwise. As the screw loosens, remove it completely, and separate the Circular Dial Plate from the Square Base Plate.

Hold the gnomon and slide the thin end with the two holes into the dial plate, so that it is slanting towards the centre. The gnomon is a tight fit in the dial plate, in order to ensure it is at the correct angle. It is best to start with the acute angle, and then "rock" the inner angle into position. 

Turn the sundial over. The two holes in the gnomon should both be clear from the base plate. Position the gnomon retaining clip so that the "arms" are flat on the base plate, and the "hoop" is raised off the base plate. Then slide the clip through the two holes in the base of the gnomon. 

Push the gnomon retaining clip into the holes as far as is possible by hand, the arms are very slightly tapered to ensure a tight fit. 

Attaching your sundial to a plinth - if you are not doing this, skip to the final stage of setup found below.

Set up the plinth on which the sundial will rest. Ensure that it is completely level in two directions at right angles to each other.

Place the base plate in the desired position on the plinth, and mark the position of the screws on the plinth using a pencil through the screw holes on the base plate. 

If you are certain that your plinth is level to within ½°and you want to compensate for the small difference between the latitude stamped on the dial and your actual latitude, so that you get the maximum possible accuracy from your Spot-on Sundial.

Drill out the screw holes in the plinth. Screw the base plate down onto the plinth with the 4 screws. Place the dial plate on top of the base plate, and line it up so that the centre screw will pass through the dial plate and locate in its correct position in the base plate. Insert the centre screw and tighten it by hand, leaving the dial plate free to rotate.

For the final stage of the setup:

Find out the time of Solar Noon at your location.

When your watch reaches the exact time of Solar Noon, rotate the dial plate until the shaft of sunlight shining through the slit in the gnomon lies exactly along the dotted noon line. Then tighten up the centre screw further with the aid of the tightening tool. 

Your Spot-on Sundial is now set.

If you would prefer more advanced setup instructions, click here.