Choosing the correct sundial

Horizontal sundials need to have the angle between the gnomon (which casts the shadow) and the dial-plate appropriate to the latitude where they are to be used. If you do not know the latitude of your location, you can find it out here. The Original Spot-on Sundial is made in seven models, and the large Spot-on Sundials come in the London latitude.

Latitude degree 
Suitable for use between latitudes:
A: Newcastle on Tyne
 55° N   
53.25 to 58° N
B: London
51° 30' N 
49.75 to 53.25° N
C: Vienna   
48° N 
45.5 to 49.75°N
D: Milwaukee 
43° N 
40.5 to 45.5° N
E: San Francisco 
37° 45' N 
36 to 40.5° N
F: Los Angeles
34° N
32 to 36° N
G: New Orleans 
30° N 
26 to 32° N


If you prefer a map of North America or Europe, see below.